TTO onderbouw
(Advertentie voor leraar of ouder)

What's the story Miss Hoolie?

  1. Jungle story (theme: wild animals)
  2. Sound story (theme: Goldilocks)
  3. Story Blanket (theme: autumn)
  4. The tortoise and the hare


Games and fun with everyone

  1. Carnival
  2. The street party (theme:restaurant)
  3. Wheelie day (theme: transport)
  4. The piano
  5. Anyone for tennis
  6. Party games
  7. The boat race
  8. Too much of a good thing(theme: recycling, dinosaur)


Daisy bus days

  1. The map
  2. Trip to the moon (theme: outer space)
  3. Sausages (theme: farm animals)
  4. Highland games
  5. The wedding (theme: family)


Archie's inventions

  1. Doctors and nurses (theme: hospital)
  2. Fish supper
  3. Newborn baby (theme: family)
  4. The power cut


Mysteries with PC plum (BROKEN!!)

  1. The missing scarecrow (theme: clothes)
  2. The sing-along machine
  3. Litter bug
  4. The lost voice


Musical stories

  1. Broken down bus
  2. Marching band
  3. Vibrations
  4. The fiddle player